Hinterland Heaven Bike Loops (42.3km/50.7km)

Not a fan of tents? No problem. This ride should take around 3-5 hours depending on how many breaks and side trips you take. Scroll down for a complete description. The map was made with ridewithgps.com and it can generate a free cue sheet if you want one. A .gpx file can also be downloaded which is compatible with many GPS devices and applications.

If you’d like to view some pictures and read more about this route then click here.


This track was generated on a computer and like all information on this website should act as a guide only. Ride at your own risk, be prepared. Take topographic maps, plenty of water and tell somebody where you are going.

Elevation Gain:

1016m (Or 1252m for version #2, scroll to the bottom for map and information)


  • 100% Fun
  • Experience the quiet comfort of Big River
  • Scout tons of campsites
  • Gum Tops is scenic, well groomed and an absolute pleasure to ride in either direction.

Surface conditions and wheels required:

This route is all gravel roads and 4wd trails. It is open to motorized vehicles. The surface is great, but can become difficult in wet conditions. There may be mud, depending on the weather. The starting point is easily accessible in a 2wd all year round.

I rode this on a fatbike, with a companion riding a flat-bar roadie hybrid. Both bikes handled it fine, although there were some bogs to walk around. I still wouldn’t ride it on a triathlon bike but anything that rides well on gravel is going to be sufficient.


Scroll to the bottom for version #2


Follow the Warburton-Eildon Rd for 7.3km to Gum Top Rd and turn right. Ride the scenic climb up Gum Top Rd for 10km and then take a short right onto Reefton Logging Rd. This will take you down and spit you out pretty close to Big River, cross it and follow the gentle undulations of Big River Road in a westerly direction back to your car.

Easy Alterations:

  • Park at another campsite along Big River Rd (25-42.3km marks, too many to mark all of them). Consider camping there too, though bring literally everything you need including mountain money and a shovel and don’t camp too close to water.
  • If you are riding in a group consider dropping off some riders at the Cumberland Junction so they can enjoy a 7km winding downhill to the start of this loop.

Map and Route Notes:

  • I actually rode this route in reverse and took the Old Reefton Logging Rd rather than the one this route takes. The old one is steeper so you can thank me for creating it this way later. Or not if you prefer steeper, by all means go that way…
  • This route has not been calibrated in the field.
  • If you encounter anything interesting on the route, or record an actual GPS file from the field, please get in contact.

Ride On!

I’d love to hear about your experience and if possible publish it on the website.

Hinterland Heaven Route #2

When one of my bikepacking rides traversed this region I took some different roads and found them highly pleasing!

Vans Road, for example, was fluid, fun and surrounded by great bush. There were some pinch climbs, but it was a massive step above the wide truck ready gravel of the Eildon-Warburton Road. The deviation described here adds a couple of hundred vertical meters but will make the entire trip a lot more fun. This will be an an enlivening experience, I guarantee it.