Reefton Spur Road Loop

This is already a popular route for road cyclists. It is mostly paved except for a section of the Acheron Way, which is readily ridden on road bikes already. You could totally ride it in both directions. It is reasonably similar to my Road Bikes Off Road  route and I recommend you check that out if you want some extra bits to ride on either end.

This is a serious day ride even with a decent road bike. If you want to make it more serious, add in climbs up Donna Buang and Lake Mountain.

Road cycling is just as dangerous as forest cycling, perhaps even more so. There are cars and motorbikes, travelling fast, along this route. Ride with care. Ride at your own risk. Be prepared. Tell someone where you’re going.

NorthSouth made a beautiful video detailing a lot of this route, and some extra bits they did in the area. Check this out for inspiration;

As always, if you ride this route I would like to hear from you to share your story with more riders.