The Finn and Aidan Show

We made good time grinding uphill. I was really impressed with Finn’s speed, there was none of the usual waiting around for people to catch up I had experienced riding with other friends. I am not sorry to wait, everywhere there is something new to see and I have a great love for these spaces in between places. There’s always something special about time without obligations.

Road Bikes Off Road

Early 2016 I went on a roadpacking trip, and took my road bike off road on the O’Shannasey Aqueduct. I rolled up the Reefton Spur, through Marysville, onto Healesville and then up to Castella Junction to hang out with the staunch and committed Knitting Nannas of Toolangi

Ride #2 – Toolangi

This was a great week. I got lost in nature, regained some fitness and enjoyed some delicious meals. Everything you want in a break from suburban life. I CAN’T SAY THIS LOUD ENOUGH, TOOLANGI IS BRILLIANT!

My First Ride in the GFNP

We camped for the first night in one of these areas, The Mount Robertson State Forest. It is a popular destination for trail bike riders, and by extension mountain bikers. We had a lot of fun exploring the loose sandy tracks, dodging dried up mud traps and stray logs under the forest canopy.