Learn about the proposed national park.
Hear from the volunteers protecting habitat by surveying for endangered species. Get in touch with them to volunteer and help out.
FoE has started bimonthly meetings of a new forest collective on Thursday nights at 6pm. This is the best way to get involved with defending our forests.
Uncover information about the heinous environmental crimes of VicForests.
Discover a story of resistance.
Fantastic team of locals and Rubicon appreciators working for its protection.
More biketouring and bikepacking routes around Victoria and some fabulous stories by a wonderful writer.
Learn about how beards can stand up for forests. BeardsOn use donations and social campaigns to reverse deforestation. I did some fundraising for them in 2016.
Ongoing campaigners for The Great Forest National Park
If you like bikes, and bikepacking, you’ll love this unrivaled hub.

Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum

Critically endangered possums need friends like you.